Summer interview #1: Delphine Cauly aka Summer 1981

Delphine, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Delphine Cauly or Summer 1981, designer, I was born in Paris in the summer of 1981.

Delphine Cauly aka Summer 1981

What was your last trip?
I don't have much time to travel unfortunately... I went to Biarritz for a few days this winter. I try to compensate for this frustration by evoking idyllic and exotic landscapes in my drawings, which I hope are an invitation to travel.

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?
It's not really an address ... the waterfalls and natural pools that are in the mountains above Bastelica, my village in Corsica.

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
Lots of sun and the the wildest place possible...with a lover or a group of girlfriends!

On vacation, rather idleness or are you on the move?
I love swimming, walking in nature and basking in the sun.

Rather sea or swimming pool?
Sea, definitely.

The ideal dinner?
Fish and shellfish grilled a la plancha or a good traditional Corsican dinner.

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?

I would love to love anisette, it's so pretty in a glass, it smells good and evokes the south. I love old Ricard carafes too.. Unfortunately, it sickens me very quickly! So, I'm more of a pool of rosé.

What are your summer suitcase essentials?
Well threadbare Levis denim shorts, vintage lace camisoles, Castaner espadrilles, a pair of K-jacques and all my swimsuits. This summer, the whole line of Albertine swimwear and beachwear, in particular the Magnum shirt and the swimwear from the Tropical Lovers line with the pattern I created for summer 2019.

What does the holiday smell like?
I'm obsessed with orange blossom! With a touch of Monoi in summer.

What book to read this summer?
I want to read "Plonger" by Christophe Ono Dit Biot. I also recommend the books of Jeffrey Eugenides who wrote "Virgin Suicide", and "Monkey Diary" and Jane Birkin's diary.

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on vacation with?
Obviously with the Palma buoy! But to tell the truth, I would like them all (even if I don't have a swimming pool).

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
On a beach in Formentera

Where are you going this summer?
No doubt at home in Corsica.

Thank you Delphine!

Delphine created the pattern for our Palma buoy in collaboration with Albertine!

To follow it, it's here !