Summer interview #7: Constance, founder of Canopea

Hello Constance, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

A nice girl (sometimes).

Constance, Canopea Paris

What was your last trip?

We went to Puglia for our last shoot. I've had my eye on this region for a long time: its olive trees, the sound of cicadas, the whitewashed streets. Besides, we were hot but it was magical.

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?

Stroll around Ostuni in general, a little white gem perched on a rock and not yet disfigured by mass tourism. La Masseria le Carrube – a former agricultural farm 15 minutes by car, a sanctuary of peace and calm (before we disembark before the children) with two superb swimming pools, where you want to relax without a cell phone or a schedule.

Masseria La Carrube Ostuni

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
Anywhere without an internet connection or 3G (yes it still exists!), good bottles of wine and friends.

On vacation, rather idleness or are you on the move?

So I like both, my husband is on the move (the day after our wedding, I was exhausted by emotion, the emptiness of the post-marathon, he took me to Mount Etna to climb ). When the children were small, we alternated between swimming and going out every other day. Now that they are growing up, we have enrolled them all in sailing lessons in the morning and reserve the afternoon for relaxing by the pool and preparing the evening meal as a couple or as a family...

Rather sea or swimming pool?
So for me it would be more of a lake, I like above all to bathe in fresh water (without chlorine).

The ideal dinner?
Head to head with my darling. Every year we reserve an evening without children, without a program and we jump on our bikes to go around Paris and we stop where our taste buds take us. It doesn't matter where we land, it's the best dinner of the year.
The aperitif that smells like the holidays?
Gray shrimps and smoked Pouilly of course!

What are your summer suitcase essentials?
Our Canopea of ​​course anti-UV swimsuits, children live in them all summer long! No more battles to brush them with cream, little red crayfish shoulders, crying at the end of the day because they have been too exposed (we say it too little, but a serious burn before the age of 18 doubles the risk of cancer of the skin in adulthood). We know that they are well protected and we finally enjoy seeing them wearing anti-UV t-shirts, everyone wins! Moreover, since I launched the brand three years ago, we have drastically reduced our consumption of sunscreen. Suddenly, all that we save in cream, we spend it in ice cream.

Canopea Paris

What does the holiday smell like?

All the aromatic herbs that we use without moderation in summer as a starter, main course and dessert (basil ice cream, you know?)

What book to read this summer?
Right now I'm on "Sapiens" by Yuval Noah Harari… I'm learning a lot of things and nothing better than an afternoon in the shade of a pine tree to reconnect with your origins.

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on vacation with?
The Tulum armbands that we haven't taken off for 2 years, so much so that I discourage my children from swimming alone so much I don't want them to leave them. I will have to invest in an inflator to take the version above (Tulum buoy)…

Tulum the nice fleet armbands and Canopéa swimsuit

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
I am super happy where I am, near the Loire with my family, with my sisters, my parents and all the little cousins.

Where are you going this summer?
We alternate between sea and vineyards with Oléron, Saint-Emilion, Pouliguen, it's going to swing!

Thank you Constance!

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