Summer interview #3: Caroline and Anemone, creators of Albertine

Anemone, Caroline, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am Anemone, I created the ALBERTINE swimwear and lingerie brand with my sister Caroline! I 'm Caroline, the big sister, the blonde in the photo when we were little... It was our summer outfit, a swimsuit, from the beginning of July to the end of August, nothing more! What a good life!

Caroline and Anemone Anton, creators of the Albertine brand

What was your last trip?
A. My last little trip was to the island of Houat in Brittany in camping mode, the weather was splendid, it was incredible; this place is magical, wild, far from everything, a nugget!
My last big trip was Colombia for my honeymoon, it was crazy but quite short for such a diverse country, it would have taken at least 15 more days!
C. My last trip was to Brazil, with my family. I loved it, I fell in love with this country... And Rio, if it weren't for crime and corruption, would certainly be heaven on earth. The people are kind, the music, the warm sand, the waves... a very beautiful memory. I would love to go back, without children this time.

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?
A. Isla Mucura in Colombia precisely, there is only one hotel, those who know, know!
C. Some places in Guadeloupe (where I lived 5 years) like La Désirade for example... but shhh... don't talk about it, nobody goes there yet, you have to keep these places secret...

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
A. A sweet mix of sun, heat, change of scenery, discovery and rest!
C. Sun, sea, sea, sea... As you will have understood, now living in Paris, I miss the sea a lot!

On vacation, rather idle or are you on the move?
A. Farniente but it depends on which holiday we are talking about!
C. I'm pretty lazy, but my husband is ultra on the move, so we make a good mix, well, at least me :)

Rather sea or swimming pool?
Bitter !
C. Sea, sea, sea!

The ideal dinner?
A. Outside, in the summer, with friends, putting the world to rights (but not too much!), talking nonsense to each other, drinking good wine and listening to good music!
C. Improvised picnic on a beach with family and friends (but without mosquitoes...)

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?
A. The pastis, or even the Moorish (which clearly smells of pétanque and a southern accent!!).
C. The Moorish too! A real plunge into my childhood / adolescence in the south.

What are your summer suitcase essentials?
A. Thousands of bathing suits, a pair of Rondini, denim shorts, a good book (yes, I still believe it's possible to read with 2 little boys on the beach!!).
C. A multitude of swimsuits (it drives my husband crazy... but I really wear them), and lots of t-shirts, dresses, jumpsuits, sandals... and I always end up wearing the same outfit.. I have a big, big suitcase problem .. the truth, I don't know how to pack a suitcase, so I take too many things!

Albertine jersey
What does the holiday smell like?
A. The smell of pines, and the sound of cicadas!
C. Monoi. I love Tahitian oils, the one with the Tiare flower in the glass bottle.

What book to read this summer?
A. I have so many on my bedside table waiting for me…I would say a book by Virginia Woolf, because I must confess that I don't know anything about it.
C. I've just been offered "The Art of Joy" by Goliarda Sapienza, a good 900-page book, so I'll have it for a while...

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on holiday with?
A. With our buoy with the little bare-breasted swimmers of course, with this magnificent print created exclusively for us by Delphine aka summer1981!!!!
C. With the big round buoys, they all look great! I give them to all my friends who have swimming pools, I think it's a great gift that makes the whole family happy.

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
A. In our family home in the south of France!
C. In Rio, on Ipanema Beach.

Where are you going this summer?
A. We rented a van with "wevanbiarritz", we're going as a family (my boyfriend, me and my 2 boys aged 7 and 3), we're going on a road trip in the Pyrenees, with hikes, wild camping (we can sleep in our van wherever we want!!), marmots when we wake up, pee in the bushes (obviously I don't like that!!), in short freedom... I can't wait, it's a first for us !
C. We go to Morocco: trek in a tent, in the High Atlas and then Essaouira, for beach, kite and surf. A good combo sport, nature, ocean!

Thank you sisters!

Albertine and the nice fleet are collaborating this summer and creating a limited edition XL Palma buoy, illustrated by Delphine Cauly "été1981". To discover it, it's here !