Summer interview #19: Elsa Poux, creator of Mapoésie

Hello Elsa, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Elsa, creator of Mapoésie, lover of beautiful things and fan of design.

What is your last trip?
Pleasure trip in the turquoise waters of Ibiza, and just before, a business trip but pleasure also in India, to find our craftsmen and suppliers after two years without seeing each other...

Are you going somewhere this summer?
To my great regret I had to go to Iceland, but everything was full so we're going to take a little trip to Aveyron (my region that I recommend, it's very beautiful and wild) then the north of Italy around Lake Garda and then a short passage to see friends in Spain towards Bégur.

Do you have a secret address to share with us?
A small house lost last summer in Sicily in the Zingaro nature reserve. Almost alone in the world with a dream view.

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
With family and friends, surrounded by those I love, walking around, sharing good times together and making new discoveries. I particularly like the wild corners, a little out of the way, peaceful.

The ideal dinner?
My husband in the kitchen to feast and with my friends.

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?
Padrons à la plancha, garlic and parsley tellines with a small glass of wine of course.

What does the holiday smell like?
Orange blossom: my summer perfume. I love this smell. The smell of barbecues: it projects you directly on vacation too.

What book to devour this summer?
Frangines by Adèle Bréau and I add Music by Miel de Montagne, also to be listened to this summer.

What are your vacation essentials?
Pareos, several bathing suits (important), light cotton veil outfits and my large Mapoésie honeycomb towel, very practical for traveling light.

Which the nice fleet accessory would be perfect for your summer?
I took my Odyssey buoy to Ibiza and gave it to friends. She was too beautiful in their beautiful swimming pool!

Any news on Mapoésie?
Our pretty collab the nice Fleet of course!
The shop will soon expand…. To better present our universe, our accessories, fashion and decoration, plus the design brands that we love.

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