Summer interview #18: Ollie Edwards, co-founder of Business & Pleasure Co.

Hello Ollie, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

Ollie Edwards, co-founder of Business & Pleasure Co. - born in Australia, living in Los Angeles, CA.


What is your best vacation memory?

My wife & I traveled to Portugal in 2019 where we stayed at the Sublime Hotel. I always think of the long summer afternoons on the beaches there, of dinner as the sun begins to set at Sal's on the beach. It was just perfect.


What's your favorite summer cocktail?

I'm a huge tequila fan. Tequila Casamigos, fresh lime, crushed jalapeños and a little San Pelle, thank you!


Can you tell us the perfect place to get away and enjoy the sun in the middle of winter?

My wife and I are constantly chasing summer! Once the summer is over in the US, we pack up and head to Australia for the summer. You really can't beat a classic, hot Aussie summer. 


A song that could brighten up your summer day.

I'm listening to a lot of Kings Of Convenience at the moment (a Norwegian duo who just released a new album). It sounds like summer to me! A bit of Bossa Nova influenced by South America. Listen to " Catholic Country " or " Fever " from their new album.

What will your program be this summer?

My wife and I are planning a trip to Europe with our son. Biarritz, Nice and finally Portofino!


What are your vacation essentials?

Today, I will never be seen without a nice umbrella and cooler when I travel, no matter the cost, they make a beach vacation day even more beautiful.


Which the nice fleet accessory would be perfect for your summer?

I would take any of these amazing buoys!! Oh and a Cinque cooler by B&PCO : )

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