Summer interview #13: Noélie, co-founder of Pampa

Hello Noélie, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
I am Noélie, flower fan! This passion led me to co-found Pampa, the online floral superstore on which you can order your bouquet of fresh flowers to be delivered anywhere in France, as well as decorative objects for your home such as a vase, flowers dried or in fabric, etc...

Noelie, Pampa Paris

What was your last trip?
Hong Kong! We fell in love with this destination. We went everywhere to soak up the city as much as possible. I love big cities, I feel very small. Talking about it, I can see us touring the restaurants one evening. We had set ourselves the rule with my boyfriend: one dish per person per restaurant... we made 4! to taste as many things as possible, it was sometimes very original :D
We also spent a whole day looking for a very specific vintage camera. We traveled for miles through cities, through markets, through super-crowded neighborhoods with karaoke stages on either side of the street. We ended up finding the device, we looked at it, we put it back without too much interest. It was just a pretext!
In the meantime, we went to Brazil in the middle of summer here, so in the middle of winter there, but it's still 24 degrees!

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?
It's not a secret corner but a place that deserves more attention: I love strolling along the banks of the Seine next to the Institut du Monde Arabe with all the dancers, it always gives me a lot of comfort to see all these people dancing together without knowing each other... I love it.

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
We are looking for the best places to live to enjoy every moment from the contents of the plate until waking up in the morning. We love to ditch the best places to prepare our holidays with my boyfriend. In turn, we say who is in the lead on the stage or the destination and whoever is will make proposals. We love to eat well and live magical moments, we make it a point of honor, without it being complicated: lying down for an hour in a meadow between the bales of hay and looking at the sky without doing anything is part of the program.

On vacation, rather idleness or are you on the move?
The fidget! We tried idleness because we would like to be able to land somewhere but we can't do it yet...

Rather sea or swimming pool?
Pool ! Especially to stay nearby, to know that I can go there if I want, to soak my legs in it. Alone, I quickly get bored in a swimming pool: I like to be there if my boyfriend or friends are there too.

The ideal dinner?
With the family, on the terrace, at home with garden vegetables in a salad, good fresh country bread, and meat from a local farmer that browns on the fire after marinating for a whole night in thyme, berries red, lemon, bay leaf and white wine. A good bottle of natural wine in the center of the table, there we are at the top of the kiff.

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?

A very chilled glass of Lillet. I rediscovered this alcohol, with green olives from Sicily, melon and cherry tomatoes from the garden. Quite banal but that's what works, all that matters is the quality of the products.

What are your summer suitcase essentials?

Baby nappies, nappies and toys right now haha, otherwise I bring 3 pairs of glasses, my Pampa cap, our pola and good walking shoes.

Pampas Paris

What does the holiday smell like?
The smell of the swimsuit that smells of chlorine from the swimming pool, you see? :D
But it smells like holidays from the month of May and mowed grass in parks or on the sides of the road. It reminds me of my college years, we were in class, we could hear the gardener mowing the lawns at the bottom of the establishment and the smell came back to us and told us "go brave it's soon the big summer break" .
What book to read this summer?
"The Furtives" by Alain Damasio.

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on vacation with?

Without hesitation the beach tent! That I would use on the beach or on the grass by a swimming pool: to play with baby in the shade without risking getting sand in the eyes with the wind.

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
It's 8:00 p.m., I would teleport right away at the same time to my childhood home, sitting next to my mother's vegetable garden, my feet in the grass between the flowers with the evening primroses that silently open all in same time when darkness falls. You can see them open with the naked eye and they give off a delicious smell when they open, it's magic. All to a soundtrack of crickets hidden in the field.
Where did you go this summer?
A tour of France with my little family (my boyfriend and our 4-month-old baby Frida), from Burgundy to Normandy via Provence, Aveyron and Corrèze.


Thank you Noelie!

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