Visière Billiard orange - LOLA HATS - THE NICE FLEET

Orange billiard visor - LOLA HATS

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A chic and quirky fashion accessory, the Billiard visor is handmade in Brooklyn with raffia ribbons sewn in a semi-circle integrating a part in translucent PVC in bright colors, here in orange.

A matching elastic fixed by four rivets at the back allows the visor to adapt to all head sizes.

Features :

Unique size.

The visors are handcrafted, so no two are exactly alike.

Overflowing creativity, high fantasy and impeccable craftsmanship embody the essence of Lola Hats, whose story begins in 1989 in Brooklyn. Designer Lola Ehrlich combines artisanal techniques with deceptively simple design to create hats with a resolutely contemporary style. Still based in Brooklyn, his workshop uses the most flexible and soft materials to make luxurious hats that are both incredibly chic and extremely comfortable.