Pataugeoire Formentera - THE NICE FLEET

Paddling pool Formentera - THE NICE FLEET

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Inflatable paddling pool printed with the Formentera watercolor pattern.

It will be perfect for splashing around, cooling off and entertaining the whole family. It will make your garden a chic and summery place and will undoubtedly become the best alternative to escape the hottest days of summer without going to the beach or swimming pool.

As all of our inflatables are printed and handcrafted with screen printing frames, each item is similar but sometimes with slight differences. Each accessory is therefore unique!

Recyclable PVC, phthalate-free, BPA-free, 0.25mm thickness.
From + 2 years.
Diameter: 80cm
Height: 20cm

Warning ! 

Children can drown in a very small amount of water so this product is to use under the constant and close supervision of an adult from filling, during use and emptying.

Wet users' necks, arms and legs before entering the water.
Do not dive or jump in the paddling pool.

Do not leave toys near and in the paddling pool without constant and close supervision.

These products are carefully tested and approved according to the European standard EN71-8 and bear the CE mark.

Instructions for use

This product is intended for use outdoors (for example on the lawn of the garden), on a flat surface and a compact ground clear of any debris or object. Do not install the paddling pool on concrete, asphalt or any hard surface that overheats in the sun. The ground must be strong enough to withstand the water pressure; mud, sand, soft earth are not suitable.

The product must be installed and inflated by an adult.

To inflate the pool, start with the bottom flange and continue from bottom to top. Do not overinflate the tubes, as this could damage the welds. Close the valves tightly after inflation.
Slowly fill the paddling pool without overfilling it as this may cause it to sag.

Maintain clear, clean and healthy water at all times. Change the water frequently (especially in hot weather). Never use solvents or other chemicals that could damage the product.

Empty the paddling pool when not in use.

Only an adult can empty the pool. Deflate all the tubes and at the same time gently push the pool wall downwards to evacuate the water.

Care and Storage Tips

Rinse with clear water after use and wait for the product to dry before storing it.
Store in a dry place.
Read the user manual carefully.

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