Aupaluk inflatable sledge - THE NICE FLEET

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Large inflatable round sledge, 1.10 m in diameter, featuring Inuit characters with various activities and animals from the Canadian North on an immaculate white background. Ideal for fun in the mountains. Practical, it slips into your bag, inflates in a few minutes.
Printed on the front and back.

Recyclable, phthalate-free, BPA-free and cold-resistant PVC: 0.45 mm.
From the age of 8.
Diameter: 110cm.
Delivered in a nice box including a repair patch in case of perforation. In the event of repair, this should only be carried out by an adult.

Usage tips

This product can reach high speeds under certain conditions. Do not use on high speed descents. Use the product only on gentle slopes without obstacles. Always check the ground for obstacles, holes and bumps. Use this product only under good weather conditions. For children, always use under the constant and close supervision of an adult.

Never stand or perform stunts on the sled. This product does not tow to/behind a vehicle. This product is not a boat and is not a flotation device.

When using, always wear a helmet, gloves and a pair of ski goggles.

Inflate the product to 90% ( particularly because pvc swells at altitude) so that the product retains its flexibility. Regularly check the inner tube to see if it is too hard or too soft. Never use compressed air. Do not overinflate the inner tube as this may damage the welds. Close the valve tightly after inflation.

Care and storage tips
Rinse with clear water after use.
Store in a dry place.

Read the user manual carefully.
Shipping of your order within 24/48 hours.
For all orders placed before noon, dispatch the same day.