Chapeau réversible Baboomba Gran Bucket  - ROMUALDA -THE NICE FLEET

Reversible hat Baboomba Gran Bucket - ROMUALDA

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Baboomba Gran Bucket reversible hat by Romualda, in midnight blue cotton on one side and with patterns on the other side.

Each Romualda hat is hand-painted responsibly in Spain. Each hat is a unique piece. Animated by countless brushstrokes, its colors and luminosity will make it the best travel companion.

Features :

Unique size. Head circumference 58 cm and brim of the hat 12 cm.

Composition: 100% cotton on one side and 100% linen on the other.

Color: Blue, white, green. The hats are made by hand. Each piece being unique, slight variations are possible compared to the visual.

Romualda is a Spanish brand of hand-painted hats, created by two sisters Cristina and Mariana Aguirre. The two sisters, one artist, the other designer, have a common aesthetic sensibility and ethical concerns.