Summer interview #5: Jennifer Brun, buyer at MERCI

Jennifer, can you introduce yourself in a few words?
Jennifer, 40, former fashion editor turned buyer/stylist/visual merchandiser.

Jennifer Brun, Merci Buyer, Paris

What was your last trip?
It was in Greece in the Cyclades: on the program Santorini (too touristy for me), Milos (incredible lunar spots) then Folegandros (island of my dreams).

MILOS. Credit @jenniferbrun

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?
The Provalma hotel in Folegandros: a breathtaking 360 view of the sea, an incredible calm just disturbed by the wind sometimes.

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?
A place without a shop!! I hate shopping on vacation or seeing everything I see all year long for my job.

On vacation, rather idleness or are you on the move?
Relaxation at 200%.

Rather sea or swimming pool?
Sea ! Nothing better than the sensation of salt on the skin to feel out of your daily life.

The ideal dinner?

Lots of mini dishes based on vegetables and fish from the market.

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?

A good glass of wine overlooking the sea :)

What are your summer suitcase essentials?

K.Jacques barefoot ideal in all circumstances (chic with a pretty silk summer dress, practical at the beach in a bathing suit / sarong).

What does the holiday smell like?

Honeysuckle, jasmine, lemon tree, tomato leaves.

Market tomatoes. Credit @jenniferbrun

What book to read this summer?
Right now I'm reading Annie Ernaux.

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on vacation with?
Every year I take a giant buoy with which we all have fun: adults and children.

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
With my childhood friends in our little secret spot in Catalonia, Spain, where we rent a house on the beach every year.

Where are you going this summer?
I'm not super organized when it comes to holidays, but probably a bit in Brittany at home, a bit to discover my grandmother's country (Slovenia), a bit in Spain to enjoy our magnificent cove.

Thank you Jennifer!

Merci welcomes the nice fleet on its mezzanine from July 18th!

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