Summer interview #16: Stéphanie Artarit, buyer and agent.

Can you tell us more about your activity, your news?
I am a brand agent in Greece. I work with beautiful brands like Inouitoosh, Pier from Sicily men's swimwear, Lorna Murray's hats, Corsica brand Mare di latte and the nice fleet :-) I also have shops on the islands of Paros and Antiparos.
And I also do sourcing and consulting for luxury hotels. I encourage hoteliers to call on my services to do a job they haven't learned to do: beautiful boutiques with the right selection for their clientele who have specific expectations and requirements. For example, I work with the Four Seasons Surf side in Miami or with the very popular Island club on the Athenian Riviera, for which I have just opened a shop.
In addition, I have just written the text of the very beautiful book Athens Riviera which has just been published by Éditions Assouline.

What are your favorite restaurants and bars in Greece and why?
The very chic Athénée in the center of Athens, which has a little Parisian side, so for nostalgia and its shaded terrace. The Grande Bretagne hotel bar for its view of the mythical Acropolis. Nolan and Cherchez la femme at Syntagma for their terraces and their sophisticated cuisine for one and deliciously simple for the other.
And then the Island restaurant in Vari for its sea view and good music. And the ultra jet set bar of the Astir in Vougliameni.

Your favorite fashion store?
Mine! Started with that of Antiparos, Petit Tipota ("nothing" in Greek) which is on the beach of Beach House. Unfortunately this year due to covid the resort will remain closed. Consequently, it will be necessary to fall back for the Petit Tipota of Naoussa in Paros...

Your favorite lifestyle / design store?
The Greeks are very good at design. That of the Museum of Cycladic Arts is very pretty. In the Ergon restaurant-grocery store in Syntagma you can also find a lot of Greek products in beautiful packaging, from Olive oil to soap... And that of Pinelopi Manousaki in the Kolonaki district of Athens which makes adorable embroidered jewelry and very inexpensive. I specify that I do not wear jewelry but I love them and I could buy them all to decorate the walls!
What is your favorite place in Antiparos (beach or other)?

The cracks that the gun to the temple I wouldn't give you. Beach house because it's my HQ. And the Lollos restaurant on the port which serves the best pizzas I have ever eaten. Should I specify that the owners are Italian?

Do you have a secret address to share that only the locals know?
The Zombos restaurant that nobody knows (knows).

What are you planning this summer?
I would like to recreate a fashion store that also serves syrups and lemonades on the terrace, just at the entrance to Naoussa, to somewhat recreate the atmosphere of my store on the beach.
I also have to plan to buy a car that will allow me to go to work in this new shop every day since I live in Antiparos! An old fiat 500 would do well for me, but I risk opening late often!

What is your best professional memory?
There's a holiday atmosphere in my shop so it's always very funny with customers who get naked to try on clothes, drink cocktails and stay chatting for hours... I have lots of memories with the fashion show international jet set that rushes to Greece in the summer, but I signed confidentiality contracts :-)

Are you more pool or sea?
Sea if I'm on a boat, a boat, anything that floats and takes me out to sea far from the beaches. Otherwise, I'm pretty swimming pool, mattress, under a parasol with a book...

Best summer cocktail in your opinion?
I don't drink alcohol but a virgin mojito suits me well!

Your definition of vacation?
Unfortunately for me, holidays often rhyme with work. But working between Paros and Antiparos is still pretty cool. You see your friends in the evening for a late dinner on the terrace and they come to my shop during the day to tell me the gossip of the island!
Just put a little monoi oil on her skin and a flower in her hat and the holidays are in the air.
Your favorite “the nice fleet” accessory?
XL buoys! I love tie and dye. Any shop turns into a rainbow when they are displayed in the window or on the walls. Great eye catcher! And on the shelves, the boxes look like books, it's so chic!

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