Summer interview #12: Zoé de Las Cases

Zoé, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Zoé de Las Cases, I am an artistic director and above all a jack of all trades: I am a graphic designer, designer, decorator and illustrator.

Zoe de Las Cases

Photo credit: Yann Deret

What was your last trip?
My last “great trip” was to New York for the All Saints holidays with my children, to celebrate Halloween. Central Park in the fall is so magical.

Central Park New York, Halloween

Do you have a secret address to reveal to us?
The secret address, I would simply say L'Aubrac, where I spend all my holidays :-)

What is the secret of a successful vacation for you?

Calm, family, rest, flowers, beautiful landscapes and above all, if I could find inspiration, it was because they were successful!

Zoe de Las Cases

On vacation, rather idleness or are you on the move?
Frankly both! I alternate ... the right balance for a good holiday!

Rather sea or swimming pool?

The sea is really the holidays!

The ideal dinner?
By candlelight, in a field, by the sea, it doesn't matter as long as it's in nature, nice music, the sound of the wind and friends!

The aperitif that smells like the holidays?

White wine with slices of tapenade or Italian bruschetta.

What are your summer suitcase essentials?

Drawing materials, books and good shoes!

What does the holiday smell like?
The smell of sunscreen
What book to read this summer?
"Their children after them" by Nicolas Mathieu if you haven't read it already.

Which nice fleet accessory would you go on vacation with?

My son Sacha never leaves the pretty Tulum inflatable armbands, and I would take a Saly beach cushion in my suitcase!

Bracers Tulum the nice fleet

If you could teleport right now, where would you go?
I would go anywhere a nice aperitif would be waiting for me.

Where did you go this summer?
On the Aubrac with my parents like every summer for 38 years.
And I had the chance to go to Greece at the end of August, just before starting this year which is going to be very busy with great projects.

Thanks Zoe!

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