Summer interview #14: Simone, founder of Serpentina

Simone Serpentina

What are your favorite restaurants/bars in the world and why?
I love Korean food, and Komah in Sao Paulo is great: both cozy and charming @komahrestaurante. In Porto, Portugal, I like a vegan restaurant called Terrarea @terrarea.

Your favorite fashion stores in the world and why?
N06 in Soho NY: I like their selection.
Pinga in Sao Paulo: Here you can find cool and trendy Brazilian brands.
Thanks to Paris: I like the concept.

Serpentina swimsuit

Your favorite design/lifestyle stores in the world?
Corso Como 10 in Milan: This was the first concept store I went to when I decided to become a designer.

What is your favorite place in Sao Paulo?
My neighborhood Santa Cecilia.

Do you have a secret address that only the locals know about?
Sao Paulo in the middle of the night can be endless… The bars next to Copan (an Oscar Niemeyer building in the center) is where you can really feel the diversity of the city. You can also go to the Onça bar (very traditional) or Fel

What do you have planned for your next vacation?
I'm going to have fun, I'm going on a road trip alone, from the south of Portugal to the beaches. I don't have a specific program, for each city I will stay as long as it pleases me.

Serpentina swimsuit

What is your best professional memory?
When I found out that my Serpentina project was praised with excellence by Conde Nast College in London! I was more than happy!

Rather sea or swimming pool?
I like both, what I really like is being underwater. The perfect image would be to spend the whole day at the sea and end the day in a swimming pool.

The best “summer cocktail” in your opinion?

Your definition of vacation?
No phones, sunshine with a light breeze and swimming.

Trust the timing.

What are your favorite “the nice fleet” products?
My XL Formentera buoy! With her, summer has never been the same.

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