Our story


After studying Art History and then 15 years in the world of fashion, I wanted to be independent, to undertake and to offer something new. I then had the idea of ​​a collection of cool & chic inflatable accessories that would complete the existing offer, which is often kitsch and not very durable.

I imagined the nice fleet like a pretty fleet of elegant accessories, intended for all lovers of idleness and travel in both summer and winter.

the nice fleet invites you to swim and savor the pleasures of water and snow, in style, with family or friends. XL swim rings and large  mattresses for adults, armbands and balls for children and inflatable snow tubes.

Joining our fleet also means choosing a quality product with a unique design.

Products that last

For the sake of durability, we offer products whose timeless design and manufacturing quality last over time. We use a PVC recyclable, phthalate and BPA free . Why PVC ? For the moment, it is the only material whose properties combine watertightness and flotation for this type of use. The thickness of the pvc of each product is adapted to its function in order to combine comfort and resistance.

Each inflatable accessory is printed by hand, which sometimes explains the small color variations between products. It is then assembled and pressed by hand.

In order to keep your item as long as possible, we invite you to handle it with care and to follow our advice on use and storage.

After use, rinse your inflatable accessory with clear water. Wait until it is dry before folding it and storing it in a dry place.

Do not leave it in the sun when not in use. Prolonged exposure to excessive heat may cause the product to swell.

Do not over-inflate the products (we recommend 90% inflation for buoys, mattresses and sleds) and do not use a compressed air pump to inflate them, this could cause them to burst.

Our products are tested by an independent laboratory and comply with the standards in force.



The world, source of inspiration

From the launch of the nice fleet , I wanted to offer products with timeless shapes and colorful and chic designs evoking the sun, holidays, the joy of sharing unique moments with family or friends.

Lover of travel and new cultures, I named each product the nice fleet of a destination visited or dreamed of, with a particular atmosphere :

Tropical Bahia , Stinson and Florida and their retro characters, Formentera and its relaxed lifestyle, Tulum and its watercolor blue, Java and its traditional ikat, Izu and Skagen and their deep blue, Saly and its dazzling wax, Hamptons pastel or even Palma and its insolent freshness, Goa and its tie & dye pop, Moorea and its deep blues, Ramatuelle and its unique design.

On the sledge side, watercolors, the true DNA of our brand, take precedence: Aspen , and its half of skiers, sledders and hikers Inari and its cottony snowflakes on a glacier blue background, Hudson Bay and its poetic ice floe, Rochebrune and its contemplative landscape.

We also like to collaborate with illustrators such as été1981 or brands whose values ​​we share such as Albertine on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Mapoésie for our fifth anniversary in 2022 and Lucas du Tertre for our 6th birthday..

The delicately chosen colors and the mostly watercolor motifs promise a poetic and inspired elsewhere. The shapes and the timeless design of the accessories outlast the trends every year.

the nice fleet is a hymn to cool chic… beyond the holidays.

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