Our commitment with Coral Guardian

Our partnership with Coral Guardian

I am happy that the nice fleet has become a partner of Coral Guardian , whose mission is to protect and restore coral ecosystems by involving local and international communities.

Faced with the observation that in the world already 40% of coral reefs have disappeared, that the threats are multiple (water pollution, intensive and destructive fishing, temperature change and acidification of the oceans, etc.) and that the consequences are significant for local populations, Coral Guardian works through 3 axes:


1. Participatory Marine Conservation
Restore damaged coral ecosystems using techniques adapted to different contexts.
Work with local populations so that projects have a concrete and lasting impact on the lives of communities.
2. Awareness
Use coral restoration as a tool for raising awareness locally and internationally.
Raise local community awareness and promote the sustainable use of coral ecosystems.
3. Science
Ensure scientific, biological and social monitoring of our restoration areas. Collaborate with researchers to advance knowledge related to coral ecosystems and their restoration, according to the interests of local communities.
Make marine science more accessible to all.


Coral Guardian currently has 2 projects in progress: since the beginning of 2020, one in Punta de la Mona in Spain (whose area is very impacted by fishing and tourism) and since 2015, one on the island of Hatamin in Indonesia, located in the center of the coral triangle, epicenter of marine biodiversity, an area badly damaged by dynamite fishing.

The results are encouraging:

In Indonesia, more than 40,000 corals have been transplanted, 5.8 times more fish species have been identified in 4 years, a "marine protected area" has been created, 750 villagers have been educated and 8 local jobs have been created .

In Spain, 576 kg of waste has been cleaned up, 419 corals have been transplanted, 3 associated research projects are underway and 450 people have been made aware.



The nice fleet therefore undertakes to donate €2 to Coral Guardian for each item purchased on our e-shop.


You can adopt a coral or learn more about Coral Guardian by clicking here

Thanks to Coral Guardian for its action and trust.

Thank you for participating with us.